Christian Radio Show I was on

Interesting story… I received a late night text that I should call to be on an early morning radio show.  The person who helped me was King Hoover!

I called in and after a little confusion I found a great family radio station.  Check them out here

We are all working on this together to spread faith in Christ and faith in fitness.  We need to be healthy and fit so we can live the life the Lord has planned for us.  So we can spread the WORD and be role models for others.  

Thank you King and Family Net for your help in this mission.


What Would Jesus Eat?

“Jesus essentially ate a Mediterranean diet rich in whole grains, fish, fruit and vegetables and modest amounts of olive oil, meat and wine, Colbert says. Anything the Old Testament blacklists in its dietary prescriptions is out, including shellfish, pork products, horses, camels, birds of prey and other carnivores.”

“Due to working in such an environment, Jesus would have been a rugged, physically fit, masculine-looking man. And He would have worn durable, practical clothing, which would have helped Jesus to blend in with the crowd, indistinguishable from the common “blue-collar” fisherman with whom He associated. This was another reason He needed to be identified with a kiss when arrested. Also, since Jesus spent most of His time under the Mediterranean sun, His skin would have been tanned—not pale and even chalky as Christendom portrays.”

“The above article also stated, “From analysis of skeletal remains, archeologists had firmly established that the average build of a Semite male at the time of Jesus was 5 ft. 1 in., with an average weight of about 110 pounds. Since Jesus worked outdoors as a carpenter until he was about 30 years old, it is reasonable to assume he was more muscular and physically fit than westernized portraits suggest.””

The truth most likely seems that Jesus would have eaten very healthy and was very fit. But the most important concept is that Proverbs states “…but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.” We need to obey what God wants and I know the Lord wants us to be healthy and fit to proclaim HIS work.

Does God want us to be Fit and Healthy?

Of course he does. In fact, this what one website says,

His boyhood was an actual normal boyhood. His development was like that of all children. He came amongst men to learn all the features of our development, learnt from his family.
a) His development came from a healthy life style. Childhood needs respect for the body God has given so it will be useful. He would have ran and played with children of his age but without sin. We should keep our bodies fit and healthy.
b) His development came from using hands to get proficiency. Every Jewish child learned a trade. Saul learnt to use his hands to make tents to support himself so he would not depend on others Jesus learnt the trade of a carpenter. He was fit and healthy, he needed the physical stamina during those years of his ministry. Jesus walked for miles and spoke publicly for hours. He needed to be physically fit. Today we have lost the benefits of manual skills. It is important to develop manual skills in those who best suited for them.”

For further reading please click the link below.

Christian Fitness TV

Today I want to talk about Christian Fitness TV. From what I see and hear these guys are great. There are not a ton of Christian fitness websites and I think it is something that is needed. I hope that you can learn from myself and these guys on how to become more fit, lose weight, and do it all through Christ!

Boot Camps Raise Money To Help Women and Children

“Fitness Boot Camps” Offer Opportunity to Tone Up for a Good Cause

New Berlin, Wis. – A local fitness entrepreneur is offering residents an opportunity to get in shape for a good cause at a series of workouts starting July 18.

Jeremy Belter, who operates “Fat Blasting Fitness Boot Camps” in New Berlin, will donate all proceeds from his July sessions to The Women’s Center, a Waukesha-based agency that provides a broad spectrum of services to women and families in crisis.

The “boot camps” will be held at Star of Bethlehem Church, 3700 S. Casper Drive, New Berlin. The sessions are scheduled July 18 at 8 a.m., and July 20, 22 and 24, all at 5:30 a.m. Suggested minimum donation is $15 per session.

Each “boot camp” session is an intense 30-minute full-body circuit training regimen. Participants should bring their own exercise mat and dumbbells.

“The purpose of my fitness boot camps has always been to help people improve their physical and mental health,” Belter said. “It’s great to add another positive focus by benefiting The Women’s Center, which offers so much valuable assistance to troubled families and victims of domestic violence.”

Belter will boost the fund-raising power of the events by matching 50 cents on each dollar donated, up to $200. More information is available at

Belter, 31, has worked as a fitness boot camp coach for five years. He operates the “Fat Blasting Boot Camps” under the auspices of his company, Fitness4U. His charitable sessions are part of a nationwide initiative titled Boot Camps With a Purpose, started in 2007 by a fitness club owner in Exton, Pa.

The Women’s Center participates in numerous fund-raisers, but none literally as physically strenuous as the fitness boot camps, said Ken Genin, the center’s Director of Development.

“I really appreciate that Jeremy is doing this,” Genin said. “It’s contributions from individuals and businesses such as his that allow The Women’s Center to continue providing services to the community.”

Founded in 1977, The Women’s Center offers a broad array of services to women, children and families affected by sexual assault and domestic violence. The center, located at 505 N. East Ave., Waukesha, will hold its annual Jeri Phillips’ Walk for Family Peace Sept. 12 in Waukesha. More information is available at

CONTACT: Jeremy Belter, (414) 234-8697 or

Faith And Strength

What does it mean to be strong?  What does it mean to be a strong Christian?  What does it mean to spread the gospel?  This Christian man is living hope for so many.  For more information go to

jesus-7.jpg Jesus saves image by gee_differ

Great Nutritional Advice

When it comes to nutrition there are so many ideas.  Look around and you will find a new fad diet that will make you gain weight in the long run… I promise.  The most important concepts are moderation and eating for an active life.  Ask yourself these questions!  “Which foods are going to help create lean muscle tissue, give you energy, or help with your overall health?”.  Here is a secret.  This does not include a double quater pounder of anything except maybe veggies:)  Watch below for more information!

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